For an old man, coming back from office the only respite these days is food. Simply put – online ordering of food because that is what the internet is mainly used these given the Indian government has decided to ban couple of sites in the recent turn of events. I wonder how long NetNeutrality will survive given the current trend.

Not to stray away from my point of online ordering – I did come across a barrage of apps and given the fact Faasos is what I used to have back in Pune, somehow the taste has lingered to Bangalore. But its not the same though.

And not to mention with all the trend these days, Faasos also decided to ditch the website option and go full throttle on the mobile app. Somehow they promised an offer that I couldn’t resist – Now I see how!

Offer that I can'r resist -LOL

             Offer that I can’t refuse!

If that is the case – perhaps it’s best to spend effort in perfecting the user experience, right? As I happen to be one of those fellas I do intensely believe in the present time it takes very little to irk an user – do make note, a hungry user!

So here are couple of design/workflow that I somehow find quite baffling and comes the list:

Please do note that I’m using this version of your app

Current Faasos app

Current Faasos app

One can add addresses but can’t edit or even delete those form one’s profile – a workflow that I simply cannot and will not ever find the reasoning for implementation.

Address Page

Address Page

Next comes wallet. Somehow the email address field is uneditable and guess what the Citrus cash sign in option demand – Email!

Faasos Wallet Page

Faasos Wallet Page

Citrus Cash Sign In Page

Citrus Cash Sign In Page

The only respite is the adding of food items to the cart menu. But hey what if the ATM is out of cash and I so choose to use the online payment or wallet option – seems like it this app will not let me.

I wonder who is the business analyst or consultant who drew up these workflows of this app.

I did tweet this problem on Twitter – and thought Faasos did try to reach out to me by calling me on my cell phone – but guess what a hungry user was furiously typing this out on the internet keeping a close eye on his PizzaHut delivery page.

I could have went on typing more about how the app crashes and not to mention “Oops! something went wrong” time and again – how about I leave you all for now while I tear open the oregano and dive into my extra cheese PizzaHut’s pizza – bon appetit


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